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Amazon Eco Travellers

About Us

We are a team of jungle guides (Rainforest defenders) focused on ecological policies and we are developing ecotourism in the Amazon. We are comprised by specialized biologists and guides which spent great part of our lives researching the fauna and flora of Rainforests, we are highly skilled in different fields subjects such as: bird watching, ecological expeditions, natural history, Nature tours, medicinal plants, documentaries, filmmaking, ethnobotany, ecology, fauna & flora. Our philosophy is to promote conservation through ecotourism which is the segment of tourism that uses, in a sustainable way, the natural and cultural heritage, encourages its conservation and seeks the formation of an environmental awareness. It also promotes significant and positive contributions such as: environmental, social, cultural and economic well-being of destinations and local communities. We organize jungle excursions to different places within the Amazon basin, all of our packages were carefully developed and committed to ecological policies, as well designed to take visitors to places where they can get in tune with the wildlife. Our departures start from Manaus, state of Amazonas–Brazil.

Ecological Policy

"For if there are large tree-duelling, ground-dwelling, as well as aquatic mammals out there new to science, little we know about the Amazon, its Flora, its Fauna, its Ecology – the intricate web of plant-animal relations. So, what do we think we know about its Sustainability?" It is through this illustrious phrase of a great naturalist that we adopt a responsible environmental policy, we believe that the responsibility is ours.

So with the urban growth and population increase as well as the needs of man in the pragmatic and abstract context for resources, the ecotourism is a segment of ecological tourism in which when performed with responsibility, maintains the ecology in its perfect harmony.

In this way, all Eco travellers must follow the ecological recommendations: Do not feed the animals, do not throw garbage in the rivers or in the jungle, do not hold the animals, not noise pollution, repellents with a maximum of 50% deet, use refillable ecological water bottles, etc.

On our side, we only observe the animals without touching them, because many animals carry ectoparasites in their fur at the same time we disturb them and cause stress by irritating them once they are touched, when we see the animals, we observe them at a tolerable distance so that we do not impede their path, join us and be an Ecotourist with love and reciprocity with mother Nature.

Our Packages

All packages are created under specific criteria, so they can be performed at schedule times, being able to have changes according to conditions such as adaptations of the participants, sudden climate changes, events with boat conditions, any voluntary changes by customers. In a flexible way without altering or absent activities so that they are performed within the standardization of safety and time.

What to Bring

How to Pack

We recommend our customers to just carry small luggage or backpacks on the river cruises, extra large luggage to keep in Manaus in the office or in the hotels.


When travel to neotropical environment it is important to vaccinate against yellow fever, as well as have chemoprophylaxis of malaria. Consult a physicion for more Information.

  1. VEGETARIANS: We offer healthy food during the tours, based on vegetables and fruits, potatoes, tubers, natural juices, beans, rice, spaghetti, salads, cassava derivatives, etc.
  2. TRAVEL INSURANCE: We strongly recommend that you take individual travel insurance that reflects your personal and family histories.

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